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Top Tips on Proper Parking Lot Lighting Installations

Expert parking lot lighting installation can represent significant savings in the operation of a business or commercial enterprise. Not only does it provide for a safe environment for customers and employees, but a professional parking lot lighting installation can also actually bring more clients into an establishment.  A well-lit and inviting exterior space provides an instant positive impression to potential patrons.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered prior to undertaking a parking lot lighting installation project.

Light Source

While historically, HID lighting has been the most common light type, efficient LED lights have become more popular over the years.  While they may represent a premium on initial cost, the savings in energy and maintenance, as well as bulb life, more than justify a higher initial cost.

Pole Positioning

Consideration should be given to the actual positioning of the poles in the lighting grid. The type of bulb, the reflector, if any,  and wattage all will play a key factor in determining how many and where poles will be needed to adequately light the space.


If you are upgrading an existing parking lot lighting installation, it is likely that the original poles were selected to enhance the architecture of the property.  The goal may be to modernize the installation in which case, replacing the existing poles with new ones may be the goal.  Depending on the type of bulbs used in the illumination, light color can also influence the overall aesthetics of the finished project.

Surge Protection

As part of the overall project plan, be sure that proper surge protection is part of the installation.  This will save energy costs as well as lighting grid maintenance over time.

Selecting the right electrical contractor for your parking lot lighting installation should be easy.  With over 22 years of experience in successful parking lot lighting installations, the team of licensed electricians at RFG are uniquely suited to provide for all your parking lot lighting needs.  Be it a new installation, upgrading an existing lighting grid, or maintenance on failed or damaged lights, the pros at RFG Electric have the expertise, experience, and equipment to get your lighting operating cost-effectively and safely.  To schedule a consultation on parking light installations for municipal and commercial parking lots, contact us at (631) 750-1550.