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As the weather finally starts to warm up on Long Island, most homeowners will start to spend a lot more time outside and in their yards. On warm summer nights, it is such a pleasure to enjoy the evening in your own backyard.  To create ambience and an inviting space, make sure you have the best outdoor lighting to enhance patios and decks, accent landscaping and pools and help to create added outdoor time to enjoy your yard in the evenings. Outdoor lighting can also increase safety around your home. Following are some great options to enhance your yard or any outdoor space with lighting.

In Your Back Yard:

Use Accent Lighting to Highlight Certain Spaces

Accent lights like pendant lights, lamps, and lamp posts are great for keeping the most beautiful aspects of your landscape visible and striking in the evening hours.

Light Up Your Patio or Deck

Use outdoor lighting to brighten up your outdoor entertaining spaces. Whether you choose mounted lights, floodlights or hanging lights there are many different options to choose from to accent your setting and create the perfect ambience for outdoor entertaining.

Highlight Plants and Landscaping

Highlight landscaping and bring bushes and foliage to life at night with small, post-style lights. Reflect the lights reflect downward and they are an ideal choice for garden beds and pathways.

Light Up Your Pool

Install lighting in and around the patio or deck that surrounds your pool. You and your guests can swim and enjoy the water at any time in a well-lit pool and surrounding area.  Underwater lighting also creates an illuminating glow that also adds a level of safety.

In Your Front Yard:

Don’t forget about creating curb appeal for your home in the evening hours. In addition to brightening up the outside of your home, lighting installed in your front yard also offers enhanced security. Try adding motion detected lighting or timer activated flood lights as well.

Walkway Lighting

Light up the walkway to your home. Use lights to line the path or walkway to your home. These lights are often available in LED and solar varieties.  They create a safe walking path to your front door.

Driveway Lights

Driveway lights can be used with sensors to go on when you pull your car into the driveway. They also add brightness and a welcoming feel to anyone that may be arriving.

Whatever type of lighting you are interested in, quality outdoor lighting can brighten your outdoor spaces and add an enhanced level of security to any home.

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